We are currently raising a litter of 11 puppies! They were born June 14, 2023. 

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy, please head over to our questionnaire here on this site, or you can look for us on Gooddog.com or AKC Marketplace. You can search for our Kennel name or enter our zip code (15759) and it will sort by closest location.



September 2021 was our first litter. Liberty had 8 puppies through the night and we got our first experience with whelping! There was alot of nerves that night and no sleep. But it went fine, despite the worries. All 8 puppies grew up and are now almost 2 years old. We learned so much with that litter, it would be impossible to try to quantify!

We have enjoyed choosing a “theme” for each litter and giving temporary names to back puppy for our own sanity. It would be so silly to just say “this puppy” or “the one with the curly ears” or something else. so we decided to give them names and when they went home to their families, they got to have new names of course.

So the first litter was the Tree Litter and we had Oak, Maple, Catalpa, Redwood, Pine, Aspen, Magnolia and Cypress. Then in March 2022, we had the Dessert Litter. We must have been hungry when we were naming them! We chose Cheesecake, Boston Cream Pie, Pineapple Upside Cake (which quickly got shortened to just Pineapple) Almond Bark, Eclair, Klondike and Macroon.

This litter was The Golden Age of Hollywood and I have to say it’s been our favorite so far as far as picking names! We have John Wayne, Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, Van Johnson, Ronald Reagan, Doris Day, Lucille Ball, Audrey Hepburn, Deanna Durbin and Julie Andrews. We love the old black and white movies so it’s super funny to say to each other “Did you feed Cary Grant?” or “Did you see Doris Day? She just bit Van Johnson!” It makes us laugh every time.